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Does Yoga Intimidate You?
Or reasons not to take yoga.

Reason #1: I am not flexible enough.
Answer: Everyone has a different range of movement.  With consistent practice you will become as flexible as you can be.  Be patient with yourself as we, your instructors, will be.

Reason #2: I'll look silly.
Answer: No you wont, everyone in class started with class #1, just like you, even yoga teachers.

Reason #3: I am not the "yoga type".
Answer: There is no "yoga type".  You don't have to live any particular lifestyle to take yoga.

Reason #4: Yoga is too hard.
Answer:  NO; you decide how much and how far you want to take your yoga practice. 

If you have any questions or reasons not to take yoga, give us a call, and we will gladly talk to you on the phone or you can come by and see us at our studio.



What Can Yoga do for You

The effects and benefits of yoga have been well documented going way beyond any other exercise.  So many times we think of exercise as something that has to be stressful or exhausting (aka "no pain no gain") and yet recent studies have shown that extended periods of cardio exercise makes the body age at a faster rate.  Yoga incorporates stretching, aerobics, weight lifting (working with your own body weight), balance, stress relief, and at the same time bringing all of these workouts into harmony in each individual.

Yoga can also be adapted to how you feel that day.  IF you are feeling under the weather the exercise can be slowed down to be nourishing and healing or on days that you are feeling in top form the same yoga practice can be tailored to meet your energy
And everyone can practice yoga!
TN Valley Yoga is a physical fitness, nutritional lifestyle and therapy based studio.  We offer the greater Marion County area something more than just exercise, we take the individual person and create programs that suite their needs and can be incorporated into their everyday life.  We want our students as informed as possible so that they are in control of their own health this includes techniques to help deal with stress.  We have certified Yoga Instructors, Ayurveda Life Style Counselors, and Yoga Therapists.